Photographer / Videomaker

Mino Debnar

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“My day starts like this.
I get up in the morning, I turn on some music, I open the window and I am thankful to God for everything.”

Mino Debnar is a freelance photographer and videomaker based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Although the photo or video at his school has never been studied, at a young age he was attracted to visual arts and storytelling. After graduating at a Slovak Technical University he has decided to launch fully and in a short time he had the opportunity to work for clients such as: AirExplore, Global Rating Clinic, Health and Performance, Eventparadise, TNT, and many more …

In addition to lecturing at IT Learning and his freelancing work he always finds an opportunity to travel around the world with his wife or friends. When he travels he is trying to get to know local cultures and interact with local people. He associates himself with these words: “The world is like a book and those who do not travel, read only the home page.”

There is an emotion or story behind his pictures or videos. He is a member of OZ Metamorphosis, where he is a part of the visual team for anti-Drugs performance called “The Dark Trip”. In 2014, along with others, he created a documentary called “Lacko a More“. He is currently working together with a team on new projects. Mino has a constant desire to work on himself, to move forward and improve. He is not afraid of challenges and is not discouraged by failure.

Renault Slovakia, AirExplore, Nikon Slovakia, Global Rating Clinic, Super Zoo, Health and Performance, Eventparadise, TNT, OrderLord, LP Promotion, DaVinci Software, Aupark Bratislava,